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Global warming is happening. We need to FACE it; accept it, adapt to it and fight it. Hilltrip is here to help you FACE GLOBAL WARMING by educating and giving opportunities to do just that.

About Hilltrip

Based in Whistler, BC, HillTrip is an organization run by mountains lovers for mountain lovers and all those passionate about our lifestyle.

Hilltrip is a Social Enterprise specialized in Social Marketing with a focus on Events & Promotions. Its goal is to improve the sustainability of our mountain lifestyle and environment through events, publications and actions, such as it's Carbon-Offset Program.

HillTrip environmental initiatives are dedicated to education and action. HillTrip events not only teach about issues concerning sustainability and its relation to the mountain lifestyle, but also bring people in taking action against such critical issues as global warming.

Hilltrip is a collective of snowboarders and skiers with common goals and values. We work in teams on a per project basis and are driven by our conviction that things can and need to be done differently. We hope to unite with the public in positive action that will guarantee a healthy environment for ourselves and future generations.

Our Mission
Our mission is to improve the sustainability of our mountain environment and lifestyle. To engage in sustainable future creation, we generate a sense of the “Bigger Picture” and foster a planetary culture. We speak and learn about the impact and influence our mountain lifestyle practices have on the global society and natural environment. We are a voice of information for alternative practices and we offer opportunities to decrease the human ecological footprint.

The “Bigger Picture”
Having a sense of the “Bigger Picture” means understanding the fact that every action we do have an impact which has or hasn’t an impact on our environment for ourselves and futures generations.

Our Main Cause - Fight climate change
Mountain ecosystems are highly sensitive to changes in temperature. It is believed that mountains provide an early sign of what may come to pass in lowland environments. So it is essential we take every action necessary to preserve what all of us love so much.

"Climate change is one of the most significant sustainable development challenges facing the international community. It has implications not only for the health and well-being of the Earth's ecosystems, but also for the economic enterprises and social livelihoods that we have built upon this base. Creative responses based on solid research, shared knowledge and the engagement of people at all levels are required to meet the challenge posed by climate change."
- International Institute for Sustainability,

Social Marketing Services
Need help with a good cause; be it social or environmental? We can implement the best marketing techniques for the better of our society. Contact us for a free consultation session!

Event & Promotion Services
Do you want to organize a fundraiser, a social or a sports event that is related to the sustainability of the snow sports industry? Hilltrip can help, contact us.

Event & Promotion is something really important to the development of Hilltrip. By organizing and promoting it’s own events, Hilltrip has showed that it can put up and promote events of quality. Contact us to know how we can make your event happen.

ActionONE - a Fundraiser Silent Auction and Slide Show Party - was the first event Hilltrip has organized. It helped establish the Hilltrip as an organisation that think big and that is not afraid to face issues that threaten the sustainability of our mountain lifestyle.

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Get Involved!
If you share Hilltrip values and goals, and are interested in becoming a collaborator, volunteer at one of Hilltrip events or donate to Hilltrip Environmental program, contact us.

"Global Warming is a catalyst for change in our consumption behavior, the way we look at the world and the way we experience life. By facing global warming, we can re-align ourselves with Mother Earth as we unite to act as a global community."
- Marie Fortin

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Mountain Sustainability

- Protect Our Winters (POW)
- Melting Mountains
- Mountain Partnership
- Mountain Forum
- David Suzuki Foundation
- International Institute for Sustainable Development
- Rocky Mountain Institute
- Magic Potion - Eco Friendly "WAX"

Climate Change

- Government of Canada
- United Nations
- Climate Change Solutions
- Climate Institute
- Climate Solutions
- Climate Network
- Climate Change Portal
- Early Warning Sign
- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
- Pew Center on Global Climate Change

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