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Thanks to...

Our Sponsors
Their supports show that they are concerned with our environment and with the future of skiing and snowboarding, because by supporting Hilltrip, they make it possible to raise the money needed to hold events supporting environmental causes, such as fighting global warming.

Thanks to:
Base Energy Drink
Black Ohm Tattoos
Clearance Centre
Clif Bar
Creation Skateboard and Satori Movement
Deep Snow and Surf Experience
Dope State
Farfalla Hair and Esthetics
Escape Route
Gauge Clothing
Hillbilly Wax & Ethica-Enviro Wax
Maxx Fish
Neoalpine Yoga
Nester's Market
Option Snowboards
Powder Mountain Catskiing
Prior Snowboards
Showcase Snowboard
Silver Snowboards
Spy Optic
SMS Clothing
Twice Shy
The Body Shop
Ultimate Skateboard Distribution
Western Geopower Corporation
Whistler Brewing Company
Whistler Bungee
Whistler Hemp Company

Leading the Way!
We would like to outline the contributions to sustainable development from some of our sponsors. Check out who’s contributing to sustainable development here.

Our Collaborators, Partners & Volunteers
Hilltrip is a collective of people that work together toward a common goal; without its collaborators, partners and volunteers, Hilltrip wouldn’t be alive.

Thanks to Nadia, Haley, Rainbo, Loise, Guylaine, Kelly, Cath, Andrée, Phil, Danielle, Matin, Scott Musgrave, just to name a few who contributed to Hilltrip and it’s two events: its first silent auction and slide show ActionONE and its Hilltrip Hoedown Party for Earth Day.

A big thank you to the David Suzuki Foundation for providing Hilltrip with brochures to raise awareness about climate change and educate on how to take action in reducing personal greenhouse gas emissions.

A special thank you to James Morris at VentureWeb for designing a nice logo and helping out developing Hilltrip’s web

Thanks to Sustainable Review for publishing Hilltrp's News.

Get Involved!
If you share Hilltrip values and goals, and are interested in becoming a collaborator, volunteer at one of Hilltrip events or donate to Hilltrip Environmental program, contact Marie at (604) 935-0772 or
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Mountain Sustainability

- Protect Our Winters (POW)
- Melting Mountains
- Mountain Partnership
- Mountain Forum
- David Suzuki Foundation
- International Institute for Sustainable Development
- Rocky Mountain Institute
- Magic Potion - Eco Friendly "WAX"

Climate Change

- Government of Canada
- United Nations
- Climate Change Solutions
- Climate Institute
- Climate Solutions
- Climate Network
- Climate Change Portal
- Early Warning Sign
- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
- Pew Center on Global Climate Change

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